10 Cool Things to Do on Christmas



Christmas may not be always a fun time for everyone and it may just turn out to be one boring day off for someone. There is no one you have to hang out with and all you can do is sit at home and watch tv. Just because your favorite restaurant is closed for Christmas or you have nothing to do doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Here are 10 Cool Things you can actually do for Christmas thing year.

  1. Watch A Movie: When it is the holidays, the best movies releases and the theatres are up with the latest releases, so why not grab a ticket to the movie theatre and enjoy watching the latest flick. The television is up with the best Christmas movies and tv shows of all times, so grab a box of pop corn and maybe enjoy tv at home in the cold Christmas snow.
  2. Shopping: Well its Christmas and all the shopping malls are beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations and themes. There is sale and discounts at every shopping outlet and why not take the advantage of such a time. Go out shopping, with the best offers available to shop for your winter clothes, or the gadget you always wanted for the special Christmas offer price.
  3. Outdoor Time: Times have always been busy all years at work or at school and when it is finally Christmas, you could spend your holidays doing the activities you wanted to do all year long. Grab your hiking shoes and go hiking or camping with friends. Why not go for a bowl in the bowling alley or may be do something adventurous, like snow-skiing or paragliding.
  4. New Years’ Resolution: With Christmas the year ends and it is the time to look back and reflect on your past year. Christmas seems the perfect time to make your new years’s resolution and think about your plans to do next year. By 1st January you will have ample amount fo time and to recheck your new years’ resolution.
  5. Repair: There will be a lot of things that need some fixing to do. Your furniture may be broken, you shirt may need some sewing, your computer may need something to fix or your dad may probably need a helping hand to fix his car so why not use this time to fix things in life so that a new year could be an incredible start with a new fix.
  6. A Bubble Bath: What else could be better than a warm relaxing bubble bath in a cold day, where you get to spend resting your body and soul and relaxing at the comfort of your own bathtub.
  7. Winter Activities: Why not use the best time of the winters? Go off to built a snow man, or go for some winter activities like snow-skiing. Best time to hit the beach so pack up and enjoy your winter activities. Picnics could be great as well.
  8. Cleaning: People says spring cleaning but why clean in spring when the weather is nice and pleasant and you could probably do so many thing else. Christmas is usually a holidays and the weather would definitely not be suitable to go out so why not do some cleaning and keep the time for spring for some other fun stuffs.
  9. Surf the Internet: Shops may be close but you can log online and do your shopping online. get in touch with your friends whom you have not been in contact for long. Have a Christmas with all your friends from your home using the internet in your computer.
  10. Time to Work Out: People always want to work out but call it tomorrow and never start. Well now you could be motivated to start working out. If it is a boring Christmas holiday, try working out and adding a star to your health and your body. Nothing could be more important than a healthy body.


How to Lose Weight Fast in Two Days?


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Yes, it is possible to lose weight as fast as in two days and this is called “cutting weight”. Cutting weight is usually practiced by wrestlers, karate fighters, boxers and other sport personnel where weight has a factor to play. So, if you are one of them or want to experiment with your body to lose weight, then this article may help you.

Remember, that losing weight is not an easy task and you may have to make various sacrifices to achieve that. Follow the following steps to achieve your mission of losing weight fast in 2 days.
Step One

Cut down all kind of heavy meals from your diet that are difficult to digest. Industrially processed meats, cheese,confectioneries and bakery stuffs are some of those.

Step Two

Stop eating food that are high in sodium content. Some examples of food with high-sodium content are dinner food stuff, soups in cans, ready to eat packaged food and condiments. Sodium in food causes to retain water and every effort to lose weight becomes useless.

Step Three

Include foods in your diet that can be digested easily. Items like fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritional bars and protein content shakes are some of the examples of such easily digestible foods. Consuming these food every 2-3 hours will bring about energy food throughout your body and maintain the body metabolism. Control your calorie intake and make it only about 1000 calories in a day.

Step Four

Water is the best medicine for weight loss. Drink plenty of water as much as you can as it flushes out all the toxins from the body and keeps it hydrated.  While you drink water, avoid other drinks that are carbonated and sweetened which contains lots of calories like soda, alcohol, soft drinks and flavoured sweetened juices. When you are drinking water, it would be lot better if it is spring water which do not have any sodium in it.

Step Five

Work out more on cardios and try sweating more. Do cardio exercise for an hour to 90 minutes both the days. If you want to have a better performance, take a stationary bike into a sauna room and cycle it while you’re in the sauna, so you work out and sweat. But when you are performing the exercise in the sauna, make sure you not not overheat yourself. You can also wear sauna suits and do other exercises like jumping, skipping, push-ups. Do drink lot of water while you exercise.

Step Six

You can use laxatives in a mild form so that you have proper bowel movements. Use laxatives that are made up of herbal and natural ingredients so that you do not get affected by any kind of side effects.

Step Seven

Rest is very important so make sure you get plenty amount of sleep after a very harsh routine. According to studies, an adult must get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.